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How Technologies are Transforming the Construction Industry?

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, June 12, 2020

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities mark the beginning of a whole new era of immersive technologies. With its advancements, by adopting these will help the construction industry to grow the business and bring profit home.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud collaboration reduces the friction as people can access and edit the documents at the same time, whether they're on-site or in the office. As people use their smartphones more often, companies will make coordination, collaboration, and also project management more portable. This minimizes the limitations and resources, especially to professionals who are frequently on-site, minimize the demand for physical documents and tools to be moved around.


AI is used to track the real-time progress of workers and watch out for risks on-site, informing administrators to prevent accidents from happening. With deep machine learning, AI can create BIM models that automatically check for clashes, reduce, or eliminates human errors.

AI in construction will also help the industry to take parametric designs to the next level, whereby the designers and engineers of the future will need to set parameters for the computer to beat thousands of design emphases that all fit within the defined parameters.

AR, VR, and Mixed Reality

Top 10 Building Automation Solution Companies -  2019AR  and VR have been around for a while now and quickly growing in popularity. MR, on the other hand, is still relatively new as compared to AR & VR. All three are extremely helpful in BIM, especially during the design review.

AR, VR, and MR help the construction industry to visualize and work on the building even before construction. It allows the industry to step into an immersive environment design. In a VR environment, the management will get to interrogate the model with the different stakeholders to identify areas of improvement and decrease errors before the construction.

AR work is to connect projected images onto the real world, creating an AR interface through a screen like a camera or AR glasses. It's extremely helpful in construction as the firm no longer needs to depend on shop drawings to visualize or installation of critical components.

The other benefits of AR, VR, and MR encompass increased collaboration and coordination, minimized time and cost, enhanced productivity improvement in safety planning and implementation.

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