How Digital Tools can help Construction Teams work Smarter

Ty Campbell, Director, Online Services, United Rentals

How Digital Tools can help Construction Teams work Smarter

Redefining BIM with mobile reality capture and real-time insights

Mark Concannon, Executive Vice President, Hexagon Geosystems

Redefining BIM with mobile reality capture and real-time insights

The Future of Technology in Construction

Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric

The Future of Technology in Construction

How Specialized Construction Apps Can Help Civil Engineers

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, August 04, 2021

In the residential interiors game, engineers are well aware that each job-whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, and the whole house remodel, or damage restoration-presents its unique challenges.

FREMONT, CA: Due to technological advancements, the residential construction industry is transforming. Contractors can reduce costs, increase productivity, and protect profit margins by utilizing apps and software.

Below are  the benefits of innovative apps for renovating, restoring, and remodeling:

Create an interior space map

Civil engineers can use augmented reality to quickly measure interiors and create 2D and 3D floor plans and models. There will be no manual measurements and no paper. Objects, photos, annotations, and notes can all be added.

With the advancement of scanner technology, sketching interiors with a phone or tablet has become even more precise, allowing you to map fully furnished apartments in minutes.

Digital models are also advantageous for sustainable renovations, such as determining the amount of glass wool required to insulate the roof and increase energy efficiency.

Calculate materials and labor costs

After engineers create digital sketches, define their materials, and add additional job specifications, specialized construction apps calculate the amount of flooring, tiles, paint, and other materials they'll need, as well as the associated costs.

Engineers get a clear overview, avoid making mistakes, and re-entering the same information to maximize efficiency.

Visualize objectives

Working with 3D models and digital floor plans helps clients envision their future homes and empowers subcontractors. As property owners discover how overwhelming it is to undergo renovations, they'll feel more confident and in control if clear documentation and communication are provided.

As with remodeling work, visualization is particularly beneficial for undertaking projects that entail structural changes, such as wall removal. Without picking up a measuring tape, engineers can generate various designs for their customers to choose from.

Many apps incorporate seamless integration with laser measuring tools priced under $200 to accommodate the required accuracy.

Customized functions for industry

Standardized software is frequently unable to meet the specialized requirements of renovation, restoration, and remodeling projects. Effective apps enable engineers to customize their workflow, making it easier to collect the data they require. They also keep digital records of the condition of fittings and hardware to quickly determine what can be upgraded and what must be replaced entirely.

Rapid approval of projects

Engineers can generate complete project quotes using specialized software, eliminating the need to track down individual estimates from subcontractors. This minimizes the total time required to complete a project, serving more clients and increasing their revenue.

Documentation that is centralized and accessible on the go

On-site access to project information is possible via phone or tablet, as well as via office computer. Engineers produce interim reports to keep their clients, insurance adjusters, and suppliers informed and store critical digital records in case of future disputes or insurance claims.

Communication with multiple stakeholders simplified

Apps are ideal for managing small teams, as they allow for additional subcontractors on the fly. Intuitive app interfaces ensure that new users quickly grasp their workflows. Since everyone has access to the same data, time is saved by eliminating redundant communication (less time on the phone and fewer emails).

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