Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the AEC space

Raymond Kent, Principal, Director of the Innovative Technology Design Group at DLR Group

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the AEC space

Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

Ron Adams, Vice President Risk Management, Baker Roofing Company; Nina M. French, President, Employer + Law Enforcement Solutions, Hound Labs, Inc.

Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

How Recycled Materials Can Help in Construction

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Construction companies are trying to make use of eco-friendly materials so that they can reduce wastes.

FREMONT, CA: The developing countries are urbanizing at lightning speed by constructing bridges, commercial buildings, flyovers, and residential complexes. However, in such fast-paced development, lots of wastes get generated because of construction and demotion (C&D).

Earlier the C&D wastes were not separated from the other trashes, but with the implementation of new rules and regulations, the C&D wastes will be an individual entity and managed separately. Therefore, companies have started to recycle construction wastes with the help of various technologies. Top 10 BIM Companies in Europe - 2020

In managing waste, the designers and structural engineers play an essential role in planning, researching, and analyzing the building's entire structure. The designers and the engineers have to work hard at this to offer their clients stays safely and comfortably. While planning the structure, it is crucial for the consultants and the structural designers to consider the technical, environmental, safety, and economic concerns. This step is necessary because, for developing countries, generating excessive waste can be a matter of worry.

To efforts taken to decrease the wastes can fail to an extent because of the excessive waste generated by the construction industry. However, they can slow down the process of creating waste by utilizing highly advanced manufacturing technologies and prefabrication system.

Along with managing wastes, it is also necessary to maintain the buildings and decrease waste by pulling down the old buildings.

Constructing circular buildings can use re-usable products, and it can be a better idea to conserve the environment. These buildings utilize less space as per ground cover and better for decreasing the amount of heat they can gather and store.

It is also necessary for the government to apply proper rules and regulations so that when the stakeholders also get to know about the positive effects of sustainable architecture. Therefore, if the layman gets the motivation from structural designers and consultants, they can move forward to a better future with green buildings. To create zero waste, it is necessary to follow a few steps.

Promoting the usage of new technologies

The new manufacturing technologies must be utilized as it can decrease the consumption of resources.

Transform the design approach

The engineers must prioritize on stripping down the old buildings. Therefore, it is necessary to develop structural materials that can be easily detached and reused when required.

Buildings future

Rather than the design, the construction companies focus on the longevity of the building. However, design can be the factor that increases the future of a building.

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