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How Electrification of Buildings Can Help Decrease Air Pollution

By Construction Tech Review | Monday, June 29, 2020

The construction industry is trying to utilize electrification to enhance their productivity.

FREMONT, CA: The construction industry is divided into several sectors. It can start from earthmoving, getting access to equipment, and having the gigantic towers keeping a watch on the work sites. However, these sectors might differ from one another, but there are many more things that can connect them rather than separate them. Technologies, along with new products, can also become a significant boost for the industry, particularly those working with demolition and recycling. Top 10 Intelligent Building Solution Providers - 2020

The companies that are involved with the construction, agriculture, and mining (CAM) industries are using electrified equipment so that they can get operational benefits during heavy-duty, off-road.

These applications might differ, but the construction companies can benefit from it as it will help them to operate more cleanly, offer a safe work environment. It even put a limit to their social pressure, regulation, and unstable diesel prices.

Diesel in CAM Industries

Diesel has high energy density when compared with gasoline due to which it is the standard oil that is used in the CAM equipment.

Electrification of the Construction Industry Reduces Air Pollution

The combusting diesel releases harmful pollutants in the air due to which it can impact the cardiovascular, neurological system, and respiratory systems. Such contaminants can even cause different types of cancer. Moreover, the pollutants that are emitted from road vehicles cause most of the premature deaths.

In rural areas, the toxic emissions are already harmful enough, but the construction sites over there can produce more poisonous gases that can impact the health of the people. According to the researchers, the construction equipment discharges almost 7 percent of NOx and 8 percent of PM 10 pollution in the city. Such contaminations are more harmful in sensitive areas where there are schools and hospitals.

Therefore, if the construction industry wants to maintain the level of air quality that is acceptable in underground mining companies, they have to apply larger ventilation systems than the standard size. These ventilation systems can cost the companies almost 30 to 40 percent of their energy operating expenses. Furthermore, the technology will not only increase the cost of operation, but the massive shafts and fans are costly to maintain, purchase, and install.



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