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How Can Recyclables Help in Building an Eco-Friendly Future?

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Recycled plastic building materials are largely being promoted these days within the construction industry. How can it contribute to developing energy-efficient and safe buildings? 

FREMONT, CA: Building materials transform over the years as useful technologies come out. Today, more companies are moving towards sustainable building materials to satisfy consumer desires and LEED standards. 

Recycled plastic is a material that is gaining popularity in the construction industry to build sustainable buildings. With so much plastic in existence, it is a good idea to put it into other uses rather than letting it pollute the environment.

There are multiple methods for integrating this material within commercial construction. Since the climate is changing, more builders will soon start using recycled plastic and other sustainable materials.

How does it work?

Recycled plastic is a brilliant solution for construction requiring very less energy to create. Besides, it releases fewer fossil fuels into the environment. On reaching the end of its life, the builders can recycle it again, thus reducing the requirement to manufacture fresh plastic.

However, builders must take into account the kind of plastic required for construction as all types react to the environment differently. Most of them respond to temperature changes, becoming soft or brittle, and construction workers should know the suitable plastic for an appropriate structure.

The plastic resin classification system guides manufacturers and consumers of which plastics to recycle and how. PVC comes in the form of shower curtains and tubing, and the organizations can recycle it to make window frames or vinyl flooring. High-density polyethylene or HDPE is economical, durable, and is known as one of the safest forms of plastic. It is also temperature resistant as compared to other types, making it perfect for outdoor structures like roofing and fencing.

Sustainable alternatives for plastics

The usage of recycled plastic in building initiatives helps companies in decreasing the amount of refuge taking up landfills. 

Moreover, recycled plastic can be utilized for flooring, roofing, and insulation. Insulation containing plastic is energy-efficient and is easy to install. Plastic flooring and roofing are also easy to implement with present building techniques.

Recycled plastic is an excellent substitute for existing construction techniques, and environmental strain reduces as its usage increases. In a world, where environmental concerns are on its peak, every solution counts.

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