Construction Densification Challenges

Moad Ziadi, Director Of Construction Projects Europe, Urw

Construction Densification Challenges

The Future Of Construction Technology

Randee Herrin, Senior Vice President, Construction Technologies And Manufacturing, Td industries

The Future Of Construction Technology

Construction Risk is a Data Problem

Amias Gerety, Partner, QED Investors

Construction Risk is a Data Problem

How Can CIOs Use Drones in a Construction Startup?

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Won’t it be great if a single device could cost-effectively multi-task and save hours spent by the CIOs and employees to carry out mundane operations?

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to periodic inspections, job site progress monitoring, and employee safety, CIOs and safety coordinators already have abundant work on their hands. Apart from these, they also tend to focus on delivering the products on-time cost-effectively. 

To the rescue of CIOs in a startup, drones are being introduced in the field of construction. It is solely because the commercial drones track and examine a location much faster than a human. Drones can accurately observe the site, more precisely than a human and the rising growth of it has encouraged the construction professionals to inspect their location with the tech now. The most crucial aspect of any startup is to utilize their time productively. Drones not only save time and examine better but also have several benefits in the construction world that a CIO can leverage.

Mapping Accuracy:

The traditional methods of mapping and surveying, along with collecting and processing the data, take a lot of time and also require human labor. But the introduction of drones having abilities to capture high-resolution photos and videos performs the job quickly and at a much lower expense than any traditional method. Drones are built with Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor, which can complete the same task in nearly 60 to 70 percent lesser time. Furthermore, the technology helps in surveying locations at difficult or risky places and eliminates the need to send a human to do the same task. The LiDAR performs by broadcasting laser beams and measuring the reflection that bounces back, and since the drone is an aerial device, topography does not become an issue to navigate. With drones, mapping has become much more comfortable as a collection of data has become available in 3D modeling and analysis.

Life is Precious:

The construction sector has a severe issue of yielding lower productivity consistently, partially because the industry has lagged behind in adopting the new technologies rapidly like others. A pair of human eyes can indeed spot faults on the surface at a glance, but having drones at the services brings greater convenience and safety. With the help of the drones, CIOs and safety managers can see everything that goes around the plant in real-time and find out which areas need improvements. The technology will also help in minimizing the risk of worker injury and seeking advanced methods to examine job sites and spot potential hazards before they accelerate. Like other leading companies, startups need to switch to drones to enhance efficiency and bring safety for workers.

Money, an Important Asset:

In the construction industry, photos and videos are considered as significant aspects as they showcase the projects. Several contractors prefer to have work-in-progress and aerial images from helicopters or planes to create more impact. The methods consume a massive amount of investment along with other drawbacks like quality, flexibility, time, and safety. Nonetheless, drones can be an affordable imaging platform that can resolve the issues and additionally serve as a construction marketing tool. Being a marketing tool, it can help the architect to demonstrate a potential structure with an overhead view of the location. The pictures do make a difference when it comes to marketing, and with drone-captured images on brochures and websites, CIOs can drastically increase the promotions of their startup.

Monitoring Construction Processes:

Drone photography is a new trending technology and a practical approach toward solving old issues such as keeping an eye on the construction developments. Capturing the pictures of the construction site day after day with the same view can get tiring. Drones can lend a hand in solving these issues by scheduling repeat flights every day or week and capture the requirement, which gives higher productivity with minimum costs. By observing the phases of the construction, CIOs can figure out delayed functions and eliminate the chances of a rework.

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