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How Advanced Technologies are Helping the Construction Sector with Demolition

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, July 31, 2020

To make the process of demolition easy, fast, and safe, the contractors are using new technologies and equipment.

FREMONT, CA: In recent years, the demolition industry has evolved with the help of technology. However, the spontaneous growth in the infrastructure and construction sector and the demand for redevelopment projects are also increasing. Previously the customers used the traditional process of demolition work. Due to the rising demand and the burden of fast performance, the contractors were obliged to utilize equipment to deliver enhanced results. Nowadays, the contractors use demolition equipment like pulverizers, highly advanced breakers, crushers, virbro rippers, and crusher buckets as they have more demand in the market.

Top 10 Construction Demolition and Recycling Solution Companies - 2020However, the small structures can be demolished manually or by utilizing hydraulic machines such as elevated platforms, bulldozers, cranes, excavators, and many more. Furthermore, the hydraulic excavators can be utilized for toppling one- or two-story building with the help of an undermining procedure. The use the strategy so that they can destabilize the structure while taking control of the manner and direction in which it falls.

1.Wrecking Ball technique

This technique can be efficiently used against masonry. However, it can be challenging to control and might not be that efficient every time. It can also be utilized to destroy the building to a particular manageable height.

2. High reach demolition excavators

The equipment is more used for tall buildings where it is not possible to use explosive demolition. Generally, the excavators that have shear attachments are utilized for disassembling steel structural elements. On the other hand, the hydraulic hammers are more often utilized for concrete processing and concrete structure attachments that are applied for crushing the concrete to a size that is manageable and removed reinforcing steel.

3. Stop Motion Technique

A new method has been developed for demolishing the structures that include computer-controlled hydraulic jacks. When the supporting columns are removed, these jacks can be used as a support system on the bottom floor. As the floors are lowered, this procedure can be applied for every floor. Moreover, the procedure can be made use of in areas that have high population density, and it is not only safe but also environment- friendly.

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