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How 3D Scanning Boost Construction Techniques?

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Construction companies are rapidly adopting 3D scanning-based construction tools and applications, as the technology holds the potential to transform traditional construction methods.

FREMONT, CA: Today, the construction industry can effectively leverage emerging technologies and boost their operational efficiency. 3D scanning stands at the top of the technology list, which is making waves in the construction industry. As 3D scanning influences a wide range of applications across different sectors, the construction industry experiences some of its most impactful solutions. 3D scanning uses laser light to delivers precise 3D representations of properties and frames detailed data regarding the sites' physical features. There are numerous ways the construction industry utilizes 3D scanning technology at present.

• D Models to Convey Designs

The early construction methods included 2D plans and computer-generated front elevations, which were proposed to the clients for approval. Today, the 3D scanned models help the architectures and realtors to present a better display of the property and make it easier for the professionals to convey their ideas to the clients. As the 3D rendering offers better visualizations, the realtors can effectively communicate with potential customers.

• Renovation-Related Surveys

3D scanning technique is primarily active in renovation work that involves surveying and re-designing since the solution holds the potential of accurate measurement and structural representation of the construction project. The advanced scanning solution also detects minute errors in the original construction plans. Thus, construction professionals use 3D scanning tools to map structures before renovation.

• Maintaining Records

The construction professionals use 3D scanning techniques at every critical stage of construction, from creating building models to sharing designs and getting approvals from the clients. 3D rendering with laser scanning solutions allows construction companies to record and track every phase of construction precisely. The 3D scans of buildings and construction sites can be used to develop a better management system for the property.

3D scanning technology has proved to be the best way for evaluating structures and ensuring their match with the originally approved plans while eliminating any designing complications in the construction process. At present, every phase of construction is benefited in different ways from 3D scanning technology.

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