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Gaming Apps Makes Recruitment of Construction Workers More Easy

Construction Tech Review | Monday, October 21, 2019

Introducing gamification in the construction industry makes the recruitment process easier while educating the workers to work effectively, ensuring safety.

Fremont, CA: Kids and adults nowadays are engrossed in mobile games as some games offer real money, rewards, and promotions in their levels. It will be highly encouraged if those games are employed for educational purposes irrespective of the industry. Learning becomes effective only when the user himself enters the situation and plays his/her role instead of sitting and watching scenarios. Construction industries are no longer an exception, and in that regard partnering with local contracting associations like the Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania (CAWP), educational app developers have created apps for young and interested construction workers. This teaches them the basics of onsite safety and equipment usage. These games make potential recruits aware of working on a construction site, such as operating heavy machinery.

When the players do well, they earn badges, which leads to a certification helping them find an apprenticeship where some of the games are accredited to a registered pre-apprentice program. One significant game, Harness Hero, teaches about rigging and fall safety wherein the player controls an avatar 

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as he or she selects the appropriate equipment for high-rise construction scenarios. In this game, unlike on a real job site, the player needs to throw themselves off the roof, and they earn points if they have rigged themselves properly without plummeting to the hard earth below.

Other games include Ground Up Construction: A Tower Crane Game, and Dig In: An Excavator Game with over 5, 00,000 downloads just after a year. Also, app developers are teaming up to innovate games that are focused on recruiting young people to transportation construction careers. Further, these games illustrate the parameters that are indicators educating when a player would need to report to the job site and get to work. Partnering with CAWP allows the game app to display local information for a player who finishes the game successfully, including the starting salary for someone who looks to join the industry.


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