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Is Preconstruction Technology Paying Off? Measuring its Impacts and Returns

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Is Preconstruction Technology Paying Off? Measuring its Impacts and Returns

Empower the Construction Industry with Mobile Technology

Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The construction industry is rapidly adopting mobile technologies, especially because team members tend to be dispersed and on the move. Using construction software and an iPad app, contractors gain mobile access to business-critical applications, such as project management, estimating, accounting, and inventory and equipment management. This puts decision-making power in real time, anywhere, for wide-reaching benefits to a construction firm.

The benefits of mobile technology include:

Enhanced communications and collaboration:With anytime, anywhere access, contractors can increase connectivity significantly and better collaborate with their internal and external teams. The back office and field staff can more easily share information and stay up-to-date on projects.

Smart decision-making: Access to real-time data puts valuable information at any team member’s fingertips, enabling them to make more informed decisions. Plus, that information helps minimize risk and anticipate problems before they become costly.

Increased productivity: Remote access allows individuals to work from the office, at a jobsite, on the road or from home, which eliminates the need for frequent travel. It also speeds up and streamlines processes, optimizes routing and eliminates duplicate data entry.

Better accuracy: Mobile devices enable data to be entered once from the field, eliminating duplicate data entry by the back office staff and minimizing mistakes. With the entire team accessing the same real-time central database, contractors can be assured everyone is on the same page.

Preventing bottlenecks: By accessing information instantaneously, changes are processed quicker, potential errors are caught earlier and fewer project delays occur.

Better customer service: Instant access to data on any project allows a contractor to provide customers with more timely status updates. In addition, the efficiency offered by more seamless processes helps keep projects on schedule, which keeps customers happy.

Mobility: Remote access to data means owners, project managers and other construction team leaders can be on the move or stay on the ground as needed. They can stay in touch from anywhere.

Increased profitability: Due to efficiency and accuracy, mobile technologies enable construction firms to more quickly realize revenue and increase profitability on every job.

Mobile devices which are revolutionizing the construction industry with more instant access to business-critical data help in handling specific business functions. By adding a mobile device like an iPad to the solution, the entire team can access the same timely project information whether they are in the office or in the field.

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