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Clyde Companies MobileCentered Future

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Stack Strategically-Building a Better Future for Your Workforce

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Impact of Newer Technologies on Construction Projects

Data Security KPI's have become a Benchmark in Measuring Compliance Effectiveness

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a quantifiable metric that measures how much a company is achieving its key objectives. With the advent of information technology, companies rely more on data today. The data analysis helps a company to achieve its objectives. Predictive analysis of the existing data helps a company to make informed decisions for future goals. Measurement of the effectiveness of compliance is largely based on how well the data of the company is protected. KPIs provide qualitative and quantitative indicators which help the management of the company to make informed decisions. Remote storage of a company’s data and reliance on technology has made a company wary of a possible data breach. Third-party vendors also have a company’s data which makes the security more fragile.

Companies should review their data protection program regularly and keep innovating new ideas to stop any malicious activity. The different department need a different level of data security so the companies should set objectives for various departments. Assessing the risks is the key to data security. The companies should also verify the source of their information and the place where this information is stored. KPI’s also helps companies to understand a possible threat to specific data sets.

The metrics of data security KPI to establish compliance is as follows:

Mean Time between Failures (MTBF): MTBF is the number of days a company has gone without system failure. This figure should be high for an effective KPI.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): MTTR is the mean number of hours a company takes to fix a particular problem and get the system back in working condition. This time should not be long for an impressive KPI.

The difference in MBTF: If only a few systems pose data failure then remedial actions should be taken to secure those systems.

The companies should invest in the appropriate software security tools according to their requirement in data protection. Financial institutions are prone to data breaches as they have a customer’s financial data. These institutions should invest in proper software tools to ensure a customer’s data is protected. Also, a better data protection tool enables IT teams and the management to communicate faster and avoid any possible data breach.

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