Material and Cost Estimation

Steve Dell’Orto, Founder & CEO, Contracting, Inc.

Material and Cost Estimation

Is Preconstruction Technology Paying Off? Measuring its Impacts and Returns

George Watts, Leadership in Facility Development and Program / Project Management, HPM

Is Preconstruction Technology Paying Off? Measuring its Impacts and Returns

CSI globalVCard and Jonas Construction Software Partner to Deliver Smart Electronic Payment Solution

Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA: CSI globalVCard, an innovative payment solutions company, partners with Jonas Construction Software, a provider of business management and accounting software. The two companies aim to deliver powerful electronic payment solution to Jonas Construction Software’s 1,300 customers.

“We are thrilled to launch this partnership with another great Jonas company that shares our vision and commitment to customer success. Fueled by the success of our initial partnership with sister company Jonas Club Software in the club industry, our integration with Jonas Construction Software enables us to reach a new vertical. We are excited about the opportunity to lead the construction industry into a financial transformation, modernizing payment systems and making an immediate impact on their bottom-line,” said Rafe Sanson, CEO, CSI.  

CSI Enterprise and Jonas Construction Software integration brings many benefits to their clients. It secures the customer by issuing single-use credit card number that is valid for only one time transaction that avoids the risk from hackers. Paper checks worth $20 per checks and other cost associated was cut off due to the use of Virtual cards. Speed and efficiency improve as payments are automated without errors. Customers enjoy new revenue by earning monthly cash back rewards based on their virtual card transaction.  

 Jonas fully integrated solutions provide the required tools to increase productivity by streamlining their operations with a focus on customers, their projects and their employees. As a result, it gives employees the tools to do their jobs better, support customer and achieve desired results.

CSI Enterprises products include: globalVCard virtual payment solutions and award winning mobile applications, corporate purchasing cards, and business feet fueling/maintenance cards. The company offers businesses with benefits including reduced costs and increased profits in all areas of B2B payments, including accounts payable, business travel spending and fuel purchases.

 “We are pleased to offer this new value-added service to our customers, which will greatly improve efficiency and provide an immediate impact to their bottom-line. The response from our user conference has been tremendous.  As with all of our integrated software solutions, we seek partnerships that enable us to continually provide our customers with tools that boost productivity, and CSI’s globalVCard system delivers just that,” said Steve Cowan, President, Jonas Construction Software.

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