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Converting Hotels into Smart Spaces through IoT Technology

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA – The hospitality industry has the most to gain from the implementation of the internet of things (IoT) technology. Major hotel chains are leveraging IoT technology to convert their buildings into smart spaces, offering state-of-the-art convenience, comfort, and security to their guests. As an additional benefit, they can also conserve energy in the process of surprising consumers. 

The hospitality industry is the fastest growing user of IoT-powered equipment after the healthcare sector. Several electrical contractors are collaborating with integrators to bring IoT technology into hotel chains. The projections show a sharp increase in the investment of the hospitality sector in IoT technology.

The hospitality industry has led the trend of adopting top-tier domain integrations, including climate control, access control, lighting, connected elevators, and automated intruder detection and alarm systems. Hotels are investing in smart keys with mobile credentials for accessing the guest rooms, and smartphone applications designed to control room settings such as temperature, music, television, lighting, curtains, and room service guidelines. Hotels are also integrating tracking solutions, smart speakers, smart mirrors, interactive walls, and robot butlers into their smart space services.

The rise of smart spaces in the hospitality sector has facilitated the digitalization of hotels, enhancing comfort and personalization of guest spaces. IoT has enabled smart hotels to deliver a comfortable, intuitive, and personalized experience. The success of IoT adoption has also facilitated guest loyalty, allowing a steady increase in revenue.

The prioritization of guest comfort and convenience has necessitated the need for IoT-enabled devices in the hospitality industry. The emerging consumer market and the growing challenges have escalated the competition, both for smart hotels and IoT manufacturers. 

The ideal IoT solution for the hospitality industry needs to support multi-user environment. It has to adapt to a diversified pool of consumers and guests. It should also take into account the need for additional security features for the protection of personal information. Hence, many manufacturers are enabling manual delete and erase options in their IoT devices.

To determine the compatibility of smart technologies, major hotel chains are investing in research labs and collaborating with IoT vendors to test the products. The innovative efforts will not only revolutionize the guest experience but will also enhance hotel construction and hotel operations.

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