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By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Construction Trends That Will Gain Greater Popularity in 2020

The construction industry is ever-evolving with the trends that will shape and improve the industry.

FREMONT, CA: The construction industry has been showing increased resistance to new technologies. However, few trends are adopted in the industry. These trends will bring advancements in the industry that no one can imagine. These trends have evolved and are gaining greater inclination. Some of the notable trends are given below.

Sustainability is of the topmost concern

The year 2020 will see a significant increase in sustainable efforts in the construction industry. “Green Construction,” which is the practice of developing structures using eco-friendly and resource-efficient methods throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, maintenance, operation, renovation, and deconstruction. Other sustainable construction efforts include installing LED lighting on construction sites while developing more effective thermal performance materials for construction.

Employing comprehensive safety equipment

Construction is more risk-prone than other industries, and in 2020, with increased efforts, there will be the development of improved safety equipment on job sites. Especially, wearable technology will play a more significant role in this development. To mention a few, safety equipment like cooling vests and moisture-wicking fabric will reduce the risk of overheating on a job site. Also, by integrating GPS technology in the worker’s clothing items like pants, boots, and many more, they can be tracked on-site, and the manager can be kept informed immediately about a fall or other accident. Thus, this technology allows continuous monitoring of the workers to prevent them from impending danger.

Virtual and Augmented reality

The application of AR and VR has increased tremendously and will be rising in 2020. It will allow construction teams to visualize buildings more clearly, from designing to the execution stage. It enables design optimization and error identification before bringing life to the building. It empowers clients to have a look at their building before the construction process begins. Mixed reality, on the other hand, can also give the virtual design of the building along with the physical setting of the building that allows for even more detailed planning and successful execution.

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