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Cast Consultancy: Driving the Construction Industry Forward

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Cast Consultancy, a leading real estate, and construction consultancy provider, has undertaken Kreo's artificial intelligence (AI) platform. The platform provides the builder with more in-depth structural knowledge to avoid unwanted aberrations, helps in the per-plan constructional procedure and sketching out concept designs. A passion for combining deeper market knowledge with the desire to meet the expectation of clients through the digitally augmented platform and a team involving specialist capabilities were the prime reasons to opt for AI as a pre-construction tool.

Kreo’s cloud-based and digitally simulated 4D and 5D Building information modeling (BIM) software plugged with AI possess the power to estimate costs, produce complex Gantt charts and 4D simulations, and run scenarios to monitor risks simultaneously. Ability to access a digitally augmented world for engineering, designs, and construction changes the whole course of design methodology, building parameters, risk evaluation, and added scope for repeated trial and error practices. Kreo's AI platform takes into account the geometry of BIM elements to identify and classify BIM model elements for detailed master formatting and screening soft and hard clashes. The effortless accessibility of the Kreo's platform by installing, running plug-in, creating an account, and uploading to the Autodesk app provides fluidity to its users.

Kreo platform assists project planners to sequence the complete project for easier data functioning and assigns activities to reduce the physical planning process. The platform also manages sensitive and valuable resources from frame and in-situ foundation to external machinery. The automation scheduling of data and monitoring the availability of inventory simulates the entire building process from laying the foundation to roofing. The Kreo application software acts as a significant tool for reviewing models, issuing errors, and classifying in-depth BIM elements to BIM specialist.

Cast Consultancy with the addition of Hannah Vickers to their new construction industry innovation hub's new industry board, alongside Cast CEO, Mark Farmer, is focusing more on innovating the traditional ways of the working process. Kreo's CEO and founder, Magomed Galaev, is considering the collaboration with Cast as a fine opportunity to showcase the full potential of their AI-powered platform. Project planners, cost estimators, bid managers, subcontractors at Cast are looking forward to strolling down the cybernated avenues of Kreo.

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