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Can Technologies Help in Protecting Construction Workers?

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, October 25, 2019

The protection of employees is the prime focus of every firm, and keeping that in mind, innovations are being introduced continuously in the marketplace to improve the safety measures.

FREMONT, CA: According to different statistics, one out of every ten construction-site workers gets injured each year. Following the news, there are additional reports on more than 20 percent of the private sector worker fatalities in the construction industry. Even though there is a positive transition in the construction safety sector, enterprises still need to improve in the coming years. 

Innovative technological developments are being implemented to decrease worker injury and casualty, along with preventing accidents beforehand. Some ideas are being developed and implemented to pave the way for the safer construction industry in the upcoming years. Out of many such innovations, there are three primary methods in which the developed technology can be made more reliable in the construction sites.

Modern Personal Protection Equipment:

Currently, people are crazy about wearable technologies like smartwatches, which not only help track their activities but also have multiple applications beyond the marketplace. One such method of utilizing a wearable technology developed for industrial use is exoskeletons and power-assist suits. The suits help the workers in lifting and carrying heavy objects or using weighty tools for a more extended time by putting minimal stress on the body. The powered suits, sensors, and motors help the workers by bringing down their back strain, lessening fatigue, and preventing injuries with appropriate posture.

Worker Training Technology:

Sufficient training is considered to be one of the most critical factors to keep the employees safe. With innovative technologies entering the marketplace, training for new construction workers carried the utmost importance in the virtual world. Virtual reality can lend a hand in training the workers for everything starting from operating heavy machinery to performing welding work. Technology can be used to develop new instruments, train workers, and also track and verify their training. Furthermore, with cloud computing, QR code technology, and ID card, managers can get instant access to the training history of the employees.  

Site Automation:

Construction technology can automate the worksites by investing in the drone software developer, along with working to enhance the job-site analytics. It can also achieve better insights into the performance of heavy equipment in various situations. By leveraging technologies, complex tasks on and off the job site can be performed successfully by machines with lesser time and minimum expenses.

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