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Avant-Garde Construction Technologies

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: With the increasing population, the usage and over-use of roads are touching the sky. The demand of the construction workers and contractors who are familiar with using technology in designing, constructing, and maintaining roadways will see an unsurpassable increase in near future.

The construction industry has witnessed incredible benefits by using new trends in construction technology with advanced machinery and equipment along with specific software like precision measurement system, GNSS machine control, and geospatial management which can reshape their grades.

Real-time Data: Real-time data can make the machine talk—connected machines will allow contractors to distantly observe the progress, interact with the operator, repair the issues, and provide support. The collected data can ensure quality results and help the company in bidding on similar projects in the future. With the high rate of advancement in technology construction sites will soon be able to provide the requirements for building something through instant data.

Civil Engineering: The automated digital construction process can take place through surveys, designs, model development for construction, and as-built collection of data inside a linked environment which enables improved execution and cost-effectiveness. It creates a digital model of the entire data collected, which can be shared on digital platforms easily like machines, operators, and project owners. Data can be collected through drones, which provide virtual reality perspective and make it easy for the contractor to reach to site.

Futuristic Roads: Smart roadways with metal street name signs can tell the self-driven cars the name of the street themselves and can also have self-healing feature due to the mixture of sodium silicate capsules in the concrete which shall rupture in case of cracks and form a gel-like substance to fill and harden it.

Tech Schooling: Placing an inexperienced worker in a motor with advanced GPS and 3D site display can educate him with proper training resulting in skillful working and finer productivity in the construction industry.

IoT: IoT in construction can improve the data collection going into the depository and help in taking better decisions basing on the real-time data. Equipment sensors and monitoring machines can keep track of workers and machines while reporting on their rates of productivity.

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