Construction Densification Challenges

Moad Ziadi, Director Of Construction Projects Europe, Urw

Construction Densification Challenges

The Future Of Construction Technology

Randee Herrin, Senior Vice President, Construction Technologies And Manufacturing, Td industries

The Future Of Construction Technology

Construction Risk is a Data Problem

Amias Gerety, Partner, QED Investors

Construction Risk is a Data Problem

Aiding the Construction Industry with Decision Support Solutions

Construction Tech Review | Monday, February 18, 2019

The frequent climate fluctuations have an impact on the construction industry by reducing the durability of building material and affecting the building’s indoor climate. Many technologically innovative organizations play a key role in helping the construction industry to overcome such weather conditions. These organizations provide efficient project, facility, and asset management with effective construction decisions.

WeatherBuild is the leading intelligence provider with its decision support solutions for construction companies and the built environment. The organization has its headquarters in Cambridge, MA, and offers a suite of weather-enabled solutions for decision support. WeatherBuild's solutions enable maintenance tasks, equipment operations, and work results to be managed and measured. They also play an important role in offering innovative decision - making, predictive analysis, and construction planning applications.

AdamOmansky, the co-founder and CEO of WeatherBuild said, “One of our top construction managers noted to us, "We can't control the weather, but with WeatherBuild we can take control of its impacts—both threats and opportunities to our project delivery.”

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WeatherBuild has now launched two solutions such as WeatherBuild Basic and WeatherBuildPro that enabled decision support. The WeatherBuild Basic solution provides hyper-local weather risk and lightning reports to project teams with automated delivery. It will be sent through SMS, email, or push notification. WeatherBuild Pro sends a customized solution for hyper-local weather analysis with tools for risk management and conflict resolution.

The company helps the construction companies increase productivity and optimize workers’ time in the process. It provides the project, workers, equipment, and resources used during construction with security.

WeatherBuild focuses on the use of weather data, machine learning, and predictive analytics to increase productivity, improve safety, and manage building and maintenance risks. WeatherBuild focuses on feedback from customers in a wide range of market sectors, lifecycle phases, and project types in non-residential and non-buildings structures.

The design and development processes of the organization to quickly introduce new features and improvements to its range of solutions have made it a renowned brand in the construction technology industry. The commitment to deliver the best weather-enabled solution for decision support has helped WeatherBuild to stay ahead in the market and succeed.

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