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5 Technologies that will change the face of the Construction Industry

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The construction industry is proliferating at a pace never known before. Technologies had a significant impact on the methods and systems for constructing all types of projects. 

FREMONT, CA: The construction industry has always faced issues regarding the delay in the execution of projects, timely delivery of materials, difficulty in keeping track of workers, and the list goes on. With the rising residential, industrial, and commercial growth, the demands for faster construction, unique designs, and world-class quality by consumers have touched the sky. 

This is where incredible tech advancements come into the picture with great value and efficiency. The construction companies have already started adopting these technologies, which has made the company and their employee's life much more comfortable and has increased consumer satisfaction as well.

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Following are some of the game-changing technologies that have completely transformed the construction industry.

Cloud Services

Cloud services enable the construction firms to focus on projects already in progress rather than towards the IT products and services management. With cloud computing, people can store, have access, and can also transform data while sitting at home. Only an internet connection is required for the construction industry to hold meetings, whether on-site or off-site. Thus the ability to utilize cloud technology for management has become vital for those in construction firms.


Drones are already in use by many construction firms for the site surveys while the construction is in progress. From analyzing the site before purchasing it to maintaining it, the drones keep track of everything. It is similar to a bird's eye view that provides clear, high-resolution pictures while flying over the sight; thus providing the construction firms with an accurate description of the field.

3D printing

There are two distinct areas within the construction industry, where 3D printing can be applied. The first category comprises of the ability to create projects' scale models or some aspects of projects effortlessly, and the second area includes the creation of components that are used in construction by a 3D printer. 3D printers hold the potential to mold for components that are reusable rather than constructing specialty equipment. Depending on the required material, 3D printers can also be used to create individual components.

Wearables for safety

Worksite safety is the priority of every construction firm before starting any project. Without the right processes, training, and kit, working at a construction site is equal to risking the workers' life. Now with wearables, accidents, and risk of incidents can be controlled. They also help in boosting employee confidence. For example, Redpoint indoor GPS solutions help in tracking the workers on-site and alerting the workers when they are going to visit different safety zones.

AR  and VR

Augmented Reality and VR (Virtual Reality) are going to modernize the whole construction industry in the coming years. Imagine, when one creates digital overlays over the environment, such as Google Glass. For example, if we look through Daqri smart glasses at the wall that shows the height, width, composition, and even its estimated lifespan. 

VR enables the stakeholders to explore what the site will exactly look like when its completion is done through devices like Oculus Rift.

In the future, construction and design will come even more closely with the help of these technologies. The construction of the building will be more advanced, and technologies like 3D printers will help engineers to create new and innovative designs. The wonders of these technologies are not going to end here. Let's wait as the days pass by. 

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