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5 Astonishing Exoskeletons In Construction

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, July 10, 2020

Construction leaders should understand the importance of exoskeletons and be aware of the widely accepted exoskeletons in the industry in their attempt to protect the workers.

FREMONT, CA: For workers handling risky jobs, their safety is of utmost importance. To ensure this, innovators have come up with various exoskeletons that can be worn by workers to protect their lives while making their work effortless. Some of the American manufacturers like Boeing, Toyota, Ford, and others employ exoskeletons, a type of wearable technology to help lessen worker strain from repetitive tasks. While providing support, these machines can also reduce stress on the worker’s body, thereby enhancing the ability to work safely, quickly, and efficiently. Here are some critical exoskeleton products that can be used in the construction industries, which every construction CIOs should recommend for the workers.

Levitate’s Airframe

A flagship product from Levitate, the Airframe, was designed to relieve the strain in the upper extremity muscle and joint. Also, the device enhances the ergonomic support for professionals and skilled trade workers by reducing the discomfort whenever they elevate their arms for construction or demolition activities.

Sarcos’ Robotics​ Guardian GT

The Guardian GT robot executes tasks in minutes that usually take long hours to complete manually by workers. The robot is fixed on an agile vehicle base and powered by batteries, natural gas, or diesel, the single or dual-armed system can lift and manipulate heavy loads up to 1,000 pounds with little human assistance.

Bioservo’s Ironhand

The Ironhand glove is worn underneath a regular work glove. It strengthens a worker’s grip and is built with an ability to adjust the glove’s grip according to each task easily. Further, it supports the potential lack of endurance while collecting and studying data for digitalized risk assessment.

Ekso Bionics Ekso Vest

EksoVest is an upper-body exoskeleton suit that comes in two configurations, namely general or customized, for a worker handling a specific job. It is lightweight and enables freedom of motion and can be worn in all conditions. It supports a worker’s arms to perform a wide range of tasks ranging from chest height to overhead.

Noonee’s Chairless Chair​

The Chairless Chair allows easy, flexible, and quick changes between standing, sitting, and walking. These exoskeletons are designed to improve the comfort of workers and can support a maximum load of 290 pounds while taking less than 60 seconds to put on or take off.

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