Construction Innovation: Invest Early and Build Competence for Your Future

Jason Janning, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hilti North America

Construction Innovation: Invest Early and Build Competence for Your Future

Harnessing the Power of BIM Technology to Optimize Collaborative, Successful Projects

Tom Perry, Senior Director - Engineering Services, Shawmut Design and Construction

Harnessing the Power of BIM Technology to Optimize Collaborative, Successful Projects

Automating Smart Buildings in a Smarter Way

Ajay Kamble, CIO, Turtle & Hughes, Inc.

Automating Smart Buildings in a Smarter Way

3 Ways Building Automation is Revamping School and University Campus

Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Smarter buildings embrace technology to improve the working and living environment, save energy, and increase security.

FREMONT, CA: A building automation system (BAS) provides data for the performance and metering of building services via a network of microprocessor controllers to a chief location. By centralizing and automating a number of these tasks, building maintenance costs reduce. Building automation systems are transforming corporate workplace, like companies, schools, and universities that are slowly leveraging building automation systems to become smarter.

Augments comfort and productivity

Centralizing the controls for HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems help make the campus more conducive to learning. A building automation system monitors the building’s environment and adjusts accordingly from the chief location. Along with an automated HVAC system, the internal temperature of individual classrooms and lecture theaters is easily fixed. Having a BAS also makes sure that rooms are well-lit when required and turned off when not in use. The BAS can be fed automatically to activate a generator during a power failure, especially where power glitches threaten to lose work in computer labs and libraries.

Proper monitoring and scheduled maintenance cuts disruption to classes because the electrical and ventilation systems run efficiently and are less likely to break down. As well as an improved working environment helps to boost the productivity of students and teachers.

Top 10 Building Automation Solution Companies -  2019Decreases energy consumption

BAS in schools and universities decreases the costs of energy consumption and minimizes the building’s environmental impact. Studies indicate that automated buildings can safeguard approximately 15 to 30 percent of energy costs. Automation makes the process of assessing the working condition of the various utilities seamless. The breakdowns are identified faster than manual surveillance and can be addressed immediately.

Few automated systems are programmed to offer data seeing where a building consumes electricity and identifies energy hotspots. The gathered data can be used to assess the current energy distribution and improve the overall energy consumption of a school.

Ensures security

Security at universities and schools has become a significant concern due to the increase in on-campus crime and mass shootings. Perhaps one of the most substantial advantages of an automated building system is that it provides a fully monitored security system.

An automated security system can be personalized to meet all the safety requirements, including digital video surveillance, CCTVs, biometrics, and access card readers. Automated security systems not only secure the physical campus but also ensures other essential school resources. It protects school files and additional confidential information against potential cyberattacks.

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