Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Ease Healthcare Construction Symptoms

Lisa Feeley, CSSMBB, Vice President, Transwestern

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Ease Healthcare Construction Symptoms

Transformation in the Construction Industry

Daniel Stone, Visualization Designer, Barton Malow Company

Transformation in the Construction Industry

What Exactly Is a Smart Building?

Gabriel S. Peschiera, PE, Director, Smart Buildings, Jaros, Baum & Bolles

What Exactly Is a Smart Building?

3 Emerging Tech Trends in Building Automation

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Friday, July 09, 2021

It is an exciting time in the building automation industry as more and more technology trends are implemented to make lives easier and facilities more efficient.

FREMONT, CA: The building automation sector is redefining itself by rapid innovation. Smart building solutions are potent of doing more tasks and executing them faster and easier than previous generations of devices, driving savings and efficiency. Here are some of the noteworthy building automation trends in 2020.

• Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been significant in consumer products for nearly a decade. Perhaps the most common example is intelligent personal assistants. The technology to run this natural language user interface exists in a cluster of computers in a data center. Each time an individual makes a request, it is sent to a data center, analyzed, and an answer is returned to the individual device. This happens so rapidly that each device is equipped with its own personal assistant. For the purposes of building automation systems, many front-end user interfaces are moving to the cloud. Rather than having a physical head-end computer to access building automation systems, there are hubs that receive and transmit data to the cloud. This allows the facility operators to access their system on any internet-connected device.

• Connectivity and Integration

From smart thermostats, light bulbs, plugs, speakers, and security systems, the home automation sector has evolved exponentially faster than any other commercial facilities. The Internet of Things is truly becoming a reality in the homes today. Furthermore, many of these devices can be interconnected and automated through mobile applications. Based on location and personal preferences, these apps can lock and unlock doors, change the setpoint, turn on/off lights, and even set the alarm. This is where the IoT connectivity works wonders.

• Smart Security Options

Security options have advanced tremendously. Cameras, sensors, and smart locks are helping in monitoring things that happens in the building. In smart cameras, more intelligence is applied, which can identify people. In case of any unusual activity, the authority will be notified immediately. Smart sensors will also help determine and report the environmental changes and will help analyze and monitor data. Security is a major concern in every sector, and the enhancement in security functions has made it possible got people to live in safer home environments.

It is sure that these building automation trends will drive the world in multiple ways.

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