Elecosoft: Delivering Technical Innovation to the Construction Management Space

David Hernandez, Head of US Operations, ElecosoftDavid Hernandez, Managing Director & Head of US Operations
The past few years have witnessed the construction industry rapidly adopting technology to become more efficient. However, it is still being held back by inefficiencies, people-process-and-data silos, and a lack of digital maturity. As a result, there is a myriad of challenges facing construction companies on a day to day basis ranging from jobsite safety, resourcing, productivity, and keeping pace with regulations.

To overcome the problems, the construction industry needs to deploy business-level strategies rather than treat them as isolated single-project issues.

That’s where Elecosoft can help.

Elecosoft provides organizations with digital tools that tackle business-level challenges head-on. Whether it’s through Powerproject showcasing how labor can be better utilized, exploring alternative building techniques and materials that reduce build time and cost and improving project team engagement through virtual design and construction 4D planning software, the company helps clients in numerous areas.

Offered as a CPM, Powerproject supports more than 100,000 professionals worldwide in delivering successful projects by equipping organizations with the award-winning project, program, and resource management tools necessary to bring their built assets to life, regardless of scale. It delivers better projects by planning the clients’ next project in a tool designed for construction, infrastructure, and related industries. They can task pools and code libraries to make it easy to build and visualize their plans in minutes. Powerproject also provides clients the capability to draw and link tasks for critical path analysis, and assigning codes, calendars, resources, and costs can all be done intuitively from within the Gantt chart to rapidly develop their plan.
The Powerproject portfolio of software makes it easy to plan, track, and manage projects. Through collaborative tools, one point of truth and business intelligence, clients can execute the next project with the insights they need to deliver better outcomes.

Elecosoft always starts any engagement with a thoughtful and intentional discovery process that involves all key stakeholders as early as possible. The company aligns a live demo that is tailored around the discovery of the specific pain points clients are facing. Finally, Elecosoft ensures customers have a clear software implementation plan to streamline user onboarding and adoption so that organizations can take their investment into winning and building projects from day one.

“Before a project begins, the project team can use Elecosoft Powerproject to outline the critical path to determine where, when, and how many skilled tradespeople will be required,” says David Hernandez, managing director & head of US operations, Elecosoft. “At the end of the day – our goal is to make it easy to get our powerful solution into their process as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

The software also allows organizations to pivot through challenges that arise on a project site, such as sickness, fluctuating material prices, a shortage of skilled workers, and other unforeseen challenges as they happen in real-time.
  • Before a project begins, the project team can use Elecosoft Powerproject to outline the critical path to determine where, when, and how many skilled trades’ people will be required

Through its network of partners, Elecosoft can uniquely tap into local expertise and the voice of the customer. The company supports its work by closely working with construction consultants to keep pace with the latest industry standards and trends. These partnerships also extend to educational establishments where the company is helping to equip the next generation with the skills required to be ready for the workforce. In addition, Elecosoft also has a growing technology partner program that further supports its customers’ larger business needs and collective digital transformation journey.

It’s a no-brainer that the world’s leading construction, manufacturing, and retail organizations trust Elecosoft’s software to create a single version of the truth across their data. Through its sales and support teams, the company strives to understand customer pain points and use this insight to evolve software products. They regularly conduct customer surveys to measure customer satisfaction with software products and training and support services.

“There are a lot of individuals that are involved in a construction project, so we want to make sure that our solutions offer easy collaboration and transparency into the planning and scheduling of that project,” says Hernandez.
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Austin, TX

David Hernandez, Managing Director & Head of US Operations

Elecosoft enables companies across a broad range of industries to drive efficient operations through the use of market-leading, integrated software such as Powerproject. Powerproject makes planning easy. With intuitive scheduling, 4D BIM integration, a mobile app, and resource management features, it is used on projects of all sizes, empowering better project outcomes.

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